Moab Speed Thermo(isolert) Rock

Moab Speed Thermo(isolert) Rock

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Varmeisolert sko fra Merrell med Primaloft isolasjon. Disse er også vanntette.





Om Primaloft fra wikipedia:


In 1983 the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Natick, MA approached PrimaLoft's former parent company Albany International Corp., a global advanced textile and material processing company,[8] to develop a water resistant synthetic alternative to goose down for use in military sleeping bags and clothing systems in variable environmental conditions. The U.S. Army was primarily interested in a synthetic insulation that would be comparable to goose down in weight, compressibility, and warmth, but also retain heat while in the presence of moisture. In 1985, United States Patent 4,588,635 for "synthetic down" was filed and ultimately approved in May 1986. This original non-woven insulation would eventually be renamed as PrimaLoft ONE. PrimaLoft was then established as a business subsidiary of Albany International Corp. in 1988 for commercialization.

In 1989, the first commercially available PrimaLoft insulated garment was manufactured by L.L.Bean. A 1990 New York Times article titled "Outdoor Wear: Sorting Out the Choices" featured statements by Edward Howell, then L.L. Bean's director of product development, describing PrimaLoft insulation as a high-loft synthetic alternative to down with similar performance dry, but superior performance wet. Since then, PrimaLoft has gone on to become a major supplier of high performance, technical insulation for the outdoor industry.